Saltney Methodist Church

Santa at Saltney  

  We're going on a journey to find baby Jesus The stars in the night sky looked down  Lawrence talks to Santa on the phone  Our christmas tree  Welcome Santa   The children came to church on Saturday December 15th and went on a journey to find Baby Jesus...and also Santa... 

Rev. Speed welcomes all the grown ups and children then Lawrence leads the children to join in a variety of actions as they get ready for their journey. They put on their walking boots, march towards Bethlehem and find Roman soldiers, shepherds and animals, angels and wise men. They sing carols on the way and when they sing  Away in a manger, the room becomes dark as Mark, on media, flashes up little lights, like stars, on the ceiling. They sing Little Donkey and, when they finally reach Baby Jesus, they sing It was on a starry night. Everyone remembered that Jesus had come to bring light into a dark world and love where there was hate. He is still doing that today  -if we let him into our hearts.

 Then Lawrence answered his phone. It was Santa asking for directions. Lawrence gave the children clapping hands maracas and they clapped together very loudly so Santa would hear the loud sounds and know where to find  them. What a din! But it worked...and, much to their mums and dads' surprise, the children could take the clapping hands home to keep.  So Christmas eve may be quite  noisy in Saltney...

 The children queued up outside the grotto to see Santa with their family. He met all sorts of children - babies,  toddlers and older children. Here are a few pictures of them; their parents have given us permission to  share these on our website. They show the    Christmas love and wonder in a way only children can do. Then everyone moved into the church hall to look at Santa's gifts and have cake. 

                    Santa 2      Sata 3       Santa 4       Santa 5   Santa 8     Santa 9      Santa 10       Santa 11     Santa 12                 Santa 13         Santa 14       Santa 1      Come and join us for mince pies and biscuits